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Image Source: Link

Two months into 2016, with grand ideas and resolutions behind us but the energy and freshness of the new year still with us, we’d like to take a moment to reflect and refocus. Why did we launch Avantūr? Why fashion as the platform to share our views?

Before we knew the medium, we always had a clear message in mind. Encourage individual boldness, independence and strength but simultaneously be balanced, measured and wise. Spread this message loudly but subtly at the same time. 

Before we speak a single word, before we are able to share a single thought, our bodies and our clothing speak for us. Clearly fashion is the initial mode of self-expression, one that we all can each intentionally harness to let others know what we value and how we think about the world. 

So this became the voice and the method we wanted to bring to the fashion conversation. Not fashion for fashion’s sake, but fashion that empowers the person who wears it. 

With this in mind, we founded Avantūr. We aimed to create designs that expressed that sense of boldness, action and independence. Clothes for those who are thoughtful and unafraid of change. Those who search for unexpected adventures each and every day.

This spirit informs all that we do, and, in 2016, we look forward sharing through our designs, our images and our writing with you. 

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