Fall/Winter Scarves 2016: A continuous iteration on a classic

Featured Scarf: Double Faced Wool

Featured Scarf: Double Faced Wool

With this Fall/Winter 2016 launch, two years after the launch of Avantũr, it seems almost indulgent to be reflecting on the passage of time. But here we are, barely into the adventure, and already reflecting how the brand, the product and indeed how even we have changed. 

A refreshed website, new fabrics, and a new face for this season’s collection comprise Avantũr today. A shift in how we manage our time given parallel entrepreneurial adventures in media and business mean a new approach to our design and production process.

But one thing hasn’t changed and never will: always putting you at the center of what we do, including the fabrics we select and the shape of the products we design. We kept the size and shape you loved in our sold-out first scarf collection, we hope you’ll find this latest season’s iteration especially suited to your needs and a foundation for your fashion adventures. 

We first started with the softest, most interesting wool fabrics we could find, wools that you can keep close to your neck and that will be cozy and warm without that bit of “itch” that can sometimes accompany them. We made sure to find interesting textures and patterns in luxurious neutrals, for that versatility -- day to night, casual to dressed -- that you need. And we stayed true to the oversized scarf shape you love, so you can bundle yourself up and burrow yourself into some serious warmth come winter. 

A little bit of old, a little bit of new, but always Avantũr: explore the new site and the new collection. 


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