#LiveAvantūr Guest Editor: Courtney Bowe

In front of Lille Lungegårdsvannet on May 17th 2014, Norwegian National Day. 

In front of Lille Lungegårdsvannet on May 17th 2014, Norwegian National Day. 

By Courtney Bowe | Twitter | Instagram

Within three weeks, I resigned from my job in Manhattan, packed up my apartment in Brooklyn, said goodbye to my parents in St. Louis, and boarded a flight to Norway. I had a one-way ticket. There was no plan B.

Leaving New York, I saw only a world of uncertainty.  I left my job at a small agency feeling drained, underestimated and completely dejected. I compared myself to my peers who were on their second or third promotion. I hadn’t even hit my stride yet, and now I was starting all over again, in a new country where I didn’t speak the language.

I was, however, taking the opportunity to close the gap between a New York to Norway LDR. So, naturally, I feared the judgement of other career-oriented women.  Was I one of those women who was living her life for a man? What if we didn’t work out?

Last month marked my one-year anniversary in Bergen, Norway and now I can only think, what a difference a year makes.

I have a job, within my industry that I thoroughly enjoy. It challenges me professionally, personally and in the healthiest ways imaginable. I’ve learned to communicate in another language and across cultures.  I’ve traveled to eight countries in the last year (for business and for pleasure).  I have met the most patient and welcoming people from across the world. The only reason I’m still here is because two women - one German, one French - took a chance and gave me my first job in Bergen… as a shopkeeper.  And, I am happy to say, my relationship continues to flourish.  

Now, don’t be fooled. I haven’t gotten this all figured out. More challenges and uncertainty lie ahead for me in this crazy life experiment. But after a year of bumps, bruises and small triumphs, I offer this to those who are teetering with the decision to simply live life, or #LiveAvantur.

  • Beware of emergent opportunities. They can change your life.
  • Not only is there more to life, there is actually another way to live.  
  • If you can hustle there, you will hustle anywhere.  If you have always worked hard for what you want, you will in any environment. There will be challenges but you are dedicated, resourceful and smart. You will be fine.
  • There are people and organizations from all over the world who need your skills, talents, and perspective. You just don’t know it yet.