Style and Function: Refining Our Classic Cocoon

Our Classic Cocoon in essential black and sage green Japanese cotton.

Our Classic Cocoon in essential black and sage green Japanese cotton.

Staying true to our desire to create timeless, investment pieces worn season after season, year after year, we have kept our second item collection close to home. Getting off the hamster wheel of fast fashion, we’ve instead decided to more fully embrace our Classic Cocoon by offering additional fabrics and refining the details of our original design.

We’ve now introduced a cotton version of our Classic Cocoon to our collection. Imported from Japan, this medium-weight cotton twill will transition from spring, to summer, and back to fall. Layered over a light tee and jeans in the early months of spring, draped over the shoulders during those cooler summer nights, or layered over a wool sweater as the days get shorter, this version of the Classic Cocoon is multi-seasonal and a true transition piece.

Our outerwear is not only about style but also about function, so we listened closely to our clients to help us perfect our design. To make the Classic Coccon easier to close, we extended the zipper and made tweaks to its construction. For added warmth, we took in the collar to keep it closer to the neck. To appease our taller friends, we slightly lengthened the sleeves.

Available in both essential black and sage green, the cotton Classic Cocoon complements any woman’s wardrobe. It is for the woman who dresses for herself and no one else, whether that is urban and edgy, casual and sporty, or sleek and tailored. It is for the woman who seeks the unexpected, subtle adventures in life, and she wears that sense of adventure well.