2015: A Year of Exploration by Design

2015 was a year of fantastic aesthetic and business exploration. 

We brought you two new designs -- the Luxe Cocoon Coat and the Textured Wool Scarf. Both were founded on shape and structure and elevated by a neutral palette. You, our supporters, let us know that we are evolving our designs and growing our collection in the right direction. You purchased every last one of our Textured Wool Scarves, and for that, we couldn’t be more grateful. 

This past year was also about pushing our boundaries as a business. We embarked on a number of great partnerships this year. Our collaboration with stylist Leo Maxwell and fashion photographer Michal Rzepecki for ADAM Model’s show package for New York Fashion Week was our first foray into the fashion week scene. It proved to be a rewarding and visually interesting collaboration. 

We similarly partnered with lifestyle blogger DaniDK and watched her make magic with our Textured Wool Scarf. She envisioned tasteful looks that highlighted what Avantūr is all about, taking our pieces and making them hers in a bold and individual way.

Last but certainly not least, we entered into a partnership with Spring, the mobile shopping app. We couldn’t be happier with the support we’ve received from the Spring team and of course, from our followers on the platform. 

In 2016, we’ll stay focused on designing timeless, bold investment pieces. You told us you love our scarves, and that’s where we’ll focus our efforts. Look for new lengths, special textures, and subtle details that will make your Avantūr item the most interesting neutral in your closet. 

Happy holidays, and cheers to a great new year, 
xx Gina + Wei