Many Travels, Many Ways to #LiveAvantur

Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany; March 2012; Photo by Pamela Afram

Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany; March 2012; Photo by Pamela Afram

By Gina Principato | Twitter | Instagram

#LiveAvantur is personal. It’s all about what you do to make things special and interesting in a way that’s meaningful to you. What risks do you take each day, big or small, to fulfill your desire for adventure? 

For many years, my #LiveAvantur experiences were all about travel. I took advantage of every opportunity to explore new countries and extend my cultural knowledge beyond that of the United States. Throughout high school, college and business school, I traveled to South America, Europe, Asia and Australia for both work and play, and, now that I’m back in the States for the long-term, I’ve taken a similar approach to exploring this country, visiting cities like Austin, Nashville and Chicago. 

When I first began to travel it was all about how interesting the other place was, but as I continued to explore, I began to realize just how much I liked home. What was exciting about these places was that they were different, not familiar, and “other,” and experiencing this sense of not fitting in was really important to finally being content with “home.”

So, for me, adventure really brought me back to my roots, but I continue to grow and stretch myself in new and different ways. Starting a business anyone?!

Tell us, how do you #LiveAvantur?