Launch Update: From Sketch to Sample

Behind the scenes of our first muslin fitting

Behind the scenes of our first muslin fitting

No one ever told us that entrepreneurship would be easy, and it hasn't been. Launching Avantūr has included many long nights, and even longer weekends. But seeing our idea transfer from sketch to a physical sample has been a remarkable experience. The hours and bumps along the way have been worth it. We both have careers that demand our full attention during office hours, so starting Avantūr has really tested our ability to multitask and devote 100% to our corporate jobs while balancing our entrepreneurial endeavors.

What you see above is the muslin--the first step in the production process. This is a cotton fabric that helps us test our pattern to ensure it's the best translation of our original design. This week, we'll make our first sample and put our muslin into our actual fabrication. We chose high-quality fabric from Japan in two colorways: heather gray and black. We like these colors for investment pieces because of their simplicity and versatility. Keep an eye on our blog (or follow on Instagram) for the first look at our samples.

Things have moved incredibly quickly. We started with a lofty idea and soon found ourselves filing paperwork with New York, educating ourselves on trademark and tax laws, sourcing fabric from Japan, and pretty much living in the Garment District. We sketched our coat on paper, and the next week we had a muslin in hand. At times we feel like we need to slow down, but then again, we feel the faster we move, the faster we learn.

Our journey has just begun--we have so many things planned that we can't wait to share with you. To our friends and family, thank you for your enthusiasm, support and love along the way.

x Gina + Wei